About The Company

DIPLOMATIC GROUP offers paymaster services through top international banks. These paymaster services are designed to assist clients, provide payment settlements to consultants, and help facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. DIPLOMATIC GROUP also works with humanitarian project platforms, focusing on humanitarian projects throughout the world. Working through internationally recognized traders, DIPLOMATIC GROUP provides the resources to help clients trade through special project development platforms. DIPLOMATIC GROUP’s humanitarian efforts are focused on helping countries like Fiji, Tahiti and many other parts of the world.

DIPLOMATIC GROUP also provides the compliance team for large sellers of gold bullion. For most of the past decade, Executive Chairman and CEO Mr. Bruno Gillier travelled to many countries to personally inspect gold offers and meet with the sellers. This brings a unique perspective and adds unequaled value to buyers and investors in search of proven products and reliable sellers. He draws upon his years of experience to provide the best possible scenarios for his clients and provides the first critical step in the due diligence process to bring qualified transactions to buyers.

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